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National Livestock Readiness Program

Training for Planners

Online introductory training for new planners

  • Provide an introductory picture of US Agriculture
  • Describe the range and respective roles of stakeholders
  • Provide introduction to “the system” (non-Stafford Act, emergency declarations, business continuity plans, emergency management models, real-world case histories)
  • Provide current resources available (FADPReP, POC’s within states, etc.)

In-person seminar/workshop after the online course

  • Piggy-back onto national meetings, deliver more than once yearly, attend after completing on-line curriculum
  • Provide direct contact with industry level representatives, producers, and real-world ag response SME’s
  • Provide a complete and comprehensive picture of US agriculture (niche, organic, small-scale, large-scale)
  • Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders (producers, cooperatives, trade associations, universities, state and federal regulators and responders)
  • Include One Health and All-Hazard components
  • Consider a mentoring program to match new planners with “seasoned veterans”