1. National Livestock Readiness Program

National Livestock Readiness Program

Effective animal disease outbreak response

A coordinated National Livestock Readiness Program (NLRP) provides a “one stop shop” for planning, training/credentialing, and information sharing between local, state, and tribal response entities

Checklist for State Agriculture Emergency Managers (pdf)

This template is designed to assist newer planners to develop an assessment for their position related needs while discovering the landscape of their localized area of responsibility for responding to a livestock-related emergency.

Intro to Ag Emergency Response Planning

This course is designed to provide an introduction to Agricultural Emergency Management. It is divided into four sections covering:  Basics of Emergency Management; Basics of the U.S. Agriculture Industry; Additional Industry Segments; and Important Considerations for Agricultural Response.


Workshop and course resources.

Livestock Emergency Response Planning Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to assist state, tribal, and territorial government entities in developing an Emergency Operations Plan for responding to a livestock-related emergency such as an infectious or highly contagious foreign or emerging animal disease affecting poultry, exotic, and domestic livestock. 

Topic-based resources

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