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National Livestock Readiness Program

Regional Organizations

State Ag Departments and University Extensions

Agricultural Hazard Preparedness - Farm Emergency Preparedness Planning
Agricultural Preparedness and Response Resources
Animal Waste Management - Emergency Management Program
California Department of Food and Agriculture - Biosecurity
Cornell Agrosecurity & Agroterrorism
Department of Agriculture By State Map & Links
Disaster Education Network - Animal Issues
Disaster Education Network - Farms & Ranches
EDEN Agrosecurity
Illinois Department of Agriculture - Biosecurity Measures
Iowa State Center for Food Security and Public Health
Kansas Department of Agriculture - Food and Agriculture Security
Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) - Emergency Management Program
Nebraska Department of Agriculture
New Mexico Agricultural Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Plan (APPRR) (pdf)
Ohio State Extension Emergency Policy and Operations
Penn State Disaster Preparedness - Animal Biosecurity
Penn State Animal Health - Farm Biosecurity
SART State Links
Southwest Border Food Protection and Emergency Preparedness Center
Texas Animal Health Commission Emergency Preparation & Response
US Office of Agricultural Policy
UF Agricultural Emergency Preparedness
University Centers for Agricultural Biosecurity
Wisconsin Disaster Recovery - Agriculture